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About Anna

When in the public school system Anna wasn’t much of a scholar, but she did like to learn. So after her mandatory sentence at Grand Forks Secondary School, she got a job and told herself she was never going to school again. Within five years this nonscholar started night school.


Moving away from home when she was young, too young for some, Anna did most of her growing up in the big city. Vancouver, BC. It had the jobs, the night life, and more life lessons than a late-teen ever wanted or needed to learn.


Anna wouldn't like to admit writing stared in high shool with poetry, then transformed into journalling throughout her twenties and later. What she would say, is all that writing didn’t help her when she wanted to write fiction.


She gave herself a online handle of emaginette, dug into writing manuals, blogged, joined writing groups to get this far and I suppose it will take her even longer still to grow into what some might call a bigger fish. And that's okay with her because...


There’s always a bigger fish—Star Wars Phantom Menace


Words to live by. :-)

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