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Facebook Parties

Virtual book launch parties can be scary.


I suggest making a plan long before you throw virtual party. Invite fellow authors to co-host and assign each co-host a time slot (about an hour). Another thing that will help is inviting supportive friends (special guests) that will chat up the rest. Have the games, contests, and giveaways scheduled throughout the event.

What you need:

  • is to be organized

  • create event on Facebook (no more than a few hours long)

  • get the invites out early and remind everyone about a week in advance

  • arrange prizes through co-hosts, publishers, etc: gift cards, bookmarks, little trinkets that are easily mailed

  • page should be decorated with pics (some yours and some your co-hosts)

  • contests & games suggestions: Q&A's about your book, pick a favorite character, best pet for author or character, three lies and one truth, suggestions on best book boyfriend, villain, drink recipes, best/worst date,  best/worst gift, wackiest experience that your willing to share, etc

  • giveaways opportunities: raffle entry for attending (yours and your guest hosts)

  • time schedule events (make it a long list--you don't have to use them all)

  • shut down on time--hopefully leaving them wishing for more

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